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Seminar program

CaravanFest seminar program takes place on Saturday, May 4. This time, the seminar area is located in the log hall of the Vanamõisa Open Air Centre.

10.15 Panel discussion on caravanning in the Baltics (in Finnish) – Moderator: Markku Lehtonen, Camping Pikseke. Participants: Raimo Lakka, Rolf Niemi, Kari Rainetsalo, Hannu Kivelä

Markku is originally from Turku, Finland, but has been living permanently in Estonia since 1996 and has run a picturesque camping site in Haapsalu for 26 years. Raimo, Rolf, Kari, and Hannu have extensive experience traveling as caravan tourists in Estonia and other Baltic countries. They have visited nearly all the caravan parks and hidden corners. In this discussion, Markku, along with Raimo, Rolf, Kari, and Hannu, will share their experiences and most memorable moments in the Baltics.

11.00 What to visit when traveling by caravan in Finland (in Estonian) – Elina Aro-Ojapelto, Kesk-Eesti Giidid MTÜ  


Elina is a Finn who has fallen in love with Estonia, having lived on this side of the Gulf of Finland for the last 29 years. Elina has over 40 years of experience working in the tourism industry, with the last 16 years specializing in caravan tourism. In her presentation, Elina will provide an overview of the caravan culture in Finland, various stopping places, their differences and costs, and will share recommendations on places to visit during a 3-day, week-long, and two-week trip to Finland.

11.30 Travel safely: How to reduce the risk of falling victim to theft (in Estonian) – Sergei Vahnitski, Klubi Eesti Karavan 


Sergei has been a member of Klubi Eesti Karavan (Estonian Caravan Club) since 2004, a board member and active leader of the club since 2012. Sergei travels with his motorhome 2-3 times a year, a practice he has maintained for over 20 years, during which time he has traversed Europe multiple times. His experiences are varied, including some that are not so positive. In this session, Sergei will discuss his encounters with people who do not have good intentions.

12.00 Longer caravan trip with friends? To go or not to go? (in Estonian) – Carola Madis, Kristel Aaslaid and Eeva Esse-Sõõrumaa, Kolm Naist Karavanis 

Carola, Kristel, and Eeva are already well-known to most caravan enthusiasts from the show Kolm Naist Karavanis (Three Women in a Caravan). This time, the women will talk about their travel tips and recommendations, accidents that have occurred, and how they were resolved. They will discuss how three completely different women fit into such a small space and how it affects their relationships, all while filming everything and sharing it on television.

13.30 How to choose a new motorhome and caravan and where to service them (in Estonian) – Meelis Adamson,


Meelis had a first encounter with a caravan over 40 years ago and has owned 17 different motorhomes over the years. For the last 18 years, he has also been involved in selling motorhomes and caravans in Estonia. Drawing on his extensive experience and thorough knowledge, Meelis will discuss in his presentation what important aspects to consider before purchasing a motorhome or caravan to ensure comfortable travel afterward.

14.00 Experience story: Wintering in Spain with the family (in Estonian) – Hannes Kõva, enthusiastic caravanner


Hannes has been traveling across Europe in a motorhome for over 8 years with his wife Age and their daughters, aged 3 and 6. One year, they decided to escape the cold Estonian winter and spend 5 months under the Spanish sun. Hannes will share how it is to travel with two young children to Southern Spain, a distance of 5,000 km, and what to consider and keep in mind when embarking on such a long adventure.

14.30 What's exciting in the Baltics (in Finnish) – Elina Aro-Ojapelto, Kesk-Eesti Giidid MTÜ

Elina is a Finn who has fallen in love with Estonia, having lived on this side of the Gulf of Finland for the last 29 years. She has over 40 years of experience in the tourism sector and knows Estonia inside and out. In this presentation, Elina will discuss her recommendations for activities and places to visit in Estonia, as well as in Latvia and Lithuania.

15.00 Invisible enemy: Moisture in motorhomes and caravans (in Estonian) – Gennet Kruusement, Haagisepere  


Gennet has been actively involved in the renovation, modification, and maintenance of motorhomes and caravans for 8 years at the family business Haagisepere. He is a true expert in her field. In this presentation, Gennet will share his experiences and advice on how to prevent moisture in motorhomes and caravans. He will discuss the first signs of moisture danger and what steps to take if you discover a source of moisture. He has a sample with him.

15.30 In their 50s, Iia and Kalmer embarked on a European road trip with their car and with the energy of 20-something vanlifers (in Estonian) – Iia Timmi and Kalmer Tint, Salamaa Camping


Iia and Kalmer are two active people who, in addition to running their own campsite and other activities, also find time to actively travel around. Every autumn, they travel to Europe for 1-2 months. Last fall, they came up with the crazy idea to swap their regular motorhome for a van, in which they built a bed themselves and which have space only for the essentials. Iia and Kalmer will talk about where this idea came from, what happened along the way, and how this experience differed from their usual motorhome travels.

16.00 Experience story: 10,000 km... from Vanamõisa to Alicante and back (in Estonian) – Henry Priks, new caravan owner


Henry traveled in a motorhome for the first time just two summers ago, and last year he purchased a motorhome to embark on longer journeys. This winter, he completed his first extended trip to Alicante. Henry will share his thoughts and observations on transit, taxes, and other expenses incurred during the trip.

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